Just Education

It is prohibitively expensive to enroll in legal education and universities, which are becoming increasingly commercial, are prepared to take students who are under-qualified for the legal professions and, in some circumstances, more students than they can adequately teach.

Once studying law, student welfare and individual diversity can be lost in an ultra-competitive environment encouraging learning by rote without questioning the foundation of legal principles and justice.

More broadly in UK society there is a devastating lack of knowledge about rights, entitlements and the legal process. Combined with the high cost of legal advice and other barriers to accessing justice, the rule of law is substantially weakened by the huge gulf between rich and poor.

There are some fantastic lawyers, law tutors and legal education policy makers out there, and we are privileged to have such a strong legal system and education sector, but we believe that it can and should be improved to make it more accessible.

Help us in our call for a Just Education.